lyla 23 months

we are very close to being done with the monthly progress posts because i am not a fan of saying      ___ months past the 2 year mark.

lyla sayings:
"i did it!" and also "you did it!"
"you're right!" or "that's right"
"i love it!"
"yi ya!" {while pointing to herself. she is not afraid of introducing herself to strangers.}
"i love you" and also "i love me"
"watch this mom!"

This was one of her "watch this mom!" moments


what she's into:
-dress up and looking so pretty.{she often asks to wear tights, dresses, and loves having bows in her hair and always loves her flower hat.}
- now that she can put on her shoes she will pretty much only wear one pair, the "black bow shoes"{they are easiest to put on}. she asks for them first when she wakes up and will usually already have them on when we go in her room after a nap.
-princesses {ariel, cinderella and frozen especially, but she is starting to recognize more.}
-sesame street
-trying to do somersaults
-she still loves her friends and talks about them all the time. she even prays for her friends.
-she loves nursery.
-brushing her teeth with "the ponies" {my little pony toothbrush and toothpaste}
-she is always asking me to be a horse because i showed her that once and now it is a constant request.
-she loves to run so fast and jump or do "big bounces"
-she has names for all her blankets {princess, flowers, tractors, brown, etc.} and lately she loves to bring all of them with her when she gets up.
-stairs. she always bolts for the stairs when we visit other people.
-her "new carseat"and just getting out of the house in general.
-playing in the snow.

-she tells me all the time how pretty she is.
i have said it before, but i just can't get over the fact that she seems to have this inherent love for herself.
she tells me that her hair, eyes, ears, toes, knees, and everything else about her is so cute or so pretty and she looks in the mirror and exclaims "i wuv yi yah!"
oh how i hope she can hold on to as much of this as possible.

-mixing and cooking
-toting her step stool all around the house to look on top of cupboards and dressers
{especially when she sees that i am mixing something}

-she loves singing everything!
{jingle bells, the abcs, twinkle twinkle or "kwinkle kwinkle", let it go from frozen, and lots of others}

we love this little girl so much.
and can you believe that in a month she will be TWO???!!

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Megan said...

No, I cannot believe she'll be two! Yikes. She's adorable. Funny to think that her and Riley and Sophia could all be in nursery together. We had to laugh at Lyla's "tick tock" -- we had just watched Catching Fire. Did you ever read those Ash?

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