do you want to build a snowman?

occasionally lyla goes to her room for time out.
{we are now officially in the toddler stage, i guess}
she will calm down within a couple minutes and then we go talk to her and are able to help her communicate without tantrums.

last week after i heard her calm down and stop crying she knocked on the inside of her door and called out "Mom? Do you want to build a snowman".
it was so sweet.
if you haven't seen the movie Frozen, you will need to watch a clip of this song to understand.

lyla loves Frozen.
she sings all the songs


lyla is really into princesses.
she also sings songs from the little mermaid {part of your world} and cinderella {sing sweet nightingale, a dream is a wish your heart makes, and so this is love}.

she also loves to dress up.
last week we went to a birthday party for one of her friends.
and lyla insisted on wearing her pink dress and tights.

she also really likes to wear her headbands this way.
who wouldn't? i'm sure it's more comfortable.

my friend, jenni made cupcakes in ice cream cones. it was brilliant. 
there was not nearly the mess as there would have been with regular cupcakes.
lyla licked the frosting off and then was done.

she often asks for her pink coat

or her "orange flower dress".
we had our date night on saturday and unfortunately lyla woke up and needed a diaper change about a half hour before we got home.
our sweet friend, rachel, changed lyla and when lyla asked for her orange flower dress she put it on her and then held our confused little girl until we got home.
she has been a little nervous at bedtime the past couple nights.
i think she has caught on that we don't go to sleep at the same time.

some days lyla just wants to wear an assortment of clothes and accessories.
who am i to tell her not to?
i lived in my swimsuit and dress up clothes when i was little.

oh i love this girl.
even on the days when she is stubborn.


Rochelle said...

She is so cute! and really getting so grown up! I enjoy reading your blog to keep up to date with you guys!

the hawker's said...

Do you want to build a snowman!??? HAHAHAHA!!! Still the funniest story you've told me!

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