5 hot trends that you would never have guessed...

with spring {hopefully} just around the corner we are doing a round up of some of the hottest trends that you can look forward to becoming even more apparent around our house this season.

lyla is really mastering her fashion skills and loves to dress up.
clothes are still difficult to tackle alone, but shoes and accessories are no problem for this diva.
we are predicting that given the definite cute style that lyla has you just might want to copy a few of these yourself.

1. Upside-down bright colored cat-eye  glasses.
This is definitely a brilliant switch on lyla's part.
who would have thought that turning your sunglasses upside down could produce such style?

2. Lowered and reversed headbands.
lyla must have an eye for the reversing of accessories.
when it comes to headbands, not only is this flip more comfortable, but the subtlety of the bow in the back is to die for.

3. Multiple hair accessories.
this one is only for the brave, but it is obvious that lyla knows what she is doing in laying this simple headband with a neutral colored flower.
and the way she nonchalantly holds her glasses is oh so cool.

4. PJ's with snow boots.
this girl is always wanting to wear these snow boots, but they are a statement piece definitely worth repeating.
i mean really. 
see for yourself.
and really not even jessica alba's silk, dolce and gabbanna, red carpet pj's have anything on these.  

and lastly, 5. The ever subtle and confident switched shoes.
this look can only be more adorable when it is realized that she totally completed this look all on her own.
the satisfaction and pride you are sure to see on her face says it all.

so there you have it,  5 bold and daring fashion statements that lyla pulls off so very well.


Katie said...

This is so adorable and funny!

Aubree said...

This is so cute! You need to have it made into a scrapbook page or something!

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