things i love: the plan of happiness

i know that we lived before this life.
i also know that we will live again after this life.
and i know that how we choose to live during this mortal life is important.
i love the gospel of Jesus Christ and i love knowing that there is a plan for my existence.
i love knowing that there is a point.

i also love knowing that death is not the end and though it can be difficult for us to understand the passing of a loved one, death means progression through the plan of happiness.

this video provides such a great explanation of this plan.

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Andrae Kelly said...

Oh Ashley, I just love you! I love this video, but most of all I love that it is just progression, no separation. It's not easy to accept, but it really is beautiful. As I'm typing this the tears are falling down. I really do love you! You are one of the best additions to our family!

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