things i love: brownies

i am sure you have all wondered where my chocolate post throughout this "things i love" series.
well, here you go.

our primary president shared some amazing brownies with us a couple weeks ago and they were so amazing that i came home and immediately found the recipe and planned to make them that week.
they were to die for.

a layer of delicious rich chocolate brownie
a layer of marshmallow
a layer of chocolate peanut butter covering rice krispies
the proportions were spot on, in my opinion.

the brownie layer would also probably be super delish all by itself.

go here for the recipe and even yummier looking pictures.

thanks for reading my "things i love"series for february.


the hawker's said...

I was just starting to look for a new brownie recipe! Mmmm! This looks so good!

Megan said...

I love your brownies too!

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