valentine's day

valentine's day was awesome
i stole husband away from his homework
and we headed up to salt lake with some of our best pals

because we had tickets to see lady antebellum!

lady a seriously knows how to put on an amazing show.



jordan is the sweetest valentine.

darius rucker and thompson square opened. they were both so great.

notice that i had to take off my layers later on...it was extremely warm

these stairs were death. i seriously thought i would end up in labor after walking halfway up them.

i love having my best friend to celebrate valentine's with
i also love that husband is starting to appreciate these country concerts

it was also so fun to hang out with tyler and kelsie before and after the show
and then to get to run into my parents and sisters for a bit as well.
loved it.


Attitude of Gratitude said...

SO JEALOUS! What a fun memory--and yes, those stair do look like death. I cannot believe little miss is making her premiere in less than two months! Cannot wait!

Kerry Hoaglund said...

Awesome!! I love Lady Antebellum! :D Good for you!!!

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