a true blue fan

lyla has acquired a very strong loyalty to BYU.
she knows the fight song.
she talks about BYU all the time.
Any lettering on clothing says BYU, according to her.

so it seemed very fitting to get her some BYU gear for her birthday.
as i was looking for toddler t-shirts, i happened upon this little cheerleader dress.
i debated for a few days, but decided that we had to have it for her because lyla loves dresses and BYU, so a BYU dress would be perfect.

and so far, she absolutely loves it; she cried when we took it off at bedtime and she asked to wear it again as soon as it was clean.

this is her pose to show off her BYU dress.

and, although she doesn't understand who cheerleaders are, she feels the need to dance in this dress.

and because this is so cute, here is a video of lyla and her friend, scarlett, singing to their babies. 


a look back

i have been pretty sentimental lately, with my little girl turning 2 and it's so crazy to compare lyla now to her a year ago! wow! has she changed!

i have loved each phase so far and i'm beyond grateful for pictures and videos so that i can remember what she was like at all these different times.

two days old

 four months old

first birthday party

two years old


the birthday celebrations!

last week we had so much fun celebrating two birthdays at our house! 

on wednesday we brought cupcakes to our regular playgroup and we invited our friends to wear princess dresses with lyla and it was such a fun party.
these little ladies know how to be princesses, that's for sure.
lyla was so excited for "her party" and we love that so many of our friends came and made it a really fun morning.
{one of our good friends was nice enough to host it and she had necklaces and wands for the kids to take as favors. she also played lyla's favorite, Cinderella, in the background. it was incredibly nice.}
lyla was so so so excited to have everyone sing to her and to blow out a candle. 
seriously, she was thrilled!

lyla was so excited the day before her party.
she kept taking about it.
and she loved helping me make her pink cupcakes.

on thursday we had a delicious birthday breakfast for jordan.
it was definitely his style with eggs, sausage, pancakes and orange juice. 
then we opened gifts.

he didn't want to go out for his birthday, so we grilled some fillet mignon and i made a few of his favorite side dishes.
and of course we had some birthday cake.
{sorry i forgot to take pictures of dinner and the cake. but it was delish!}

happy happy birthday to my best friend and love, jordan.
i love you and am so grateful to share these experiences with you.
you make me happier than ever!

lyla was really excited about making the cake for jordan.

since lyla and jordan both love swimming {and because lyla talks about swimming constantly} we decided to go to the pool on saturday.
this is a great facility with a slide, lazy river, lap pool, and kiddie pool which has a splash pad on one end and get just deep enough to play in at the other end.
this is seriously one of lyla's favorite places.

that night, after lyla went to bed we {meaning jordan} put together lyla's big birthday gift!

and she LOVED it!

that evening she really just wanted ice cream, so we put a candle in the ice cream and she loved singing to herself.

happy happy birthday sweet Lyla girl. you add so much to our lives and make us incredibly happy. we will forever be grateful for this opportunity to be your parents. we love you so much!

mama and daddy


the absolute worst thing about living in michigan

alright, i know you are wanting to see pictures of the birthdays that took place at our house during the past week and i promise they will be up soon.

for the sake of journaling my every day experiences, here is a story:

today after leaving the doctor's office and the pharmacy (poor lyla girl got sick on her birthday and was running a very high fever all night) i got stuck in a pot hole.  in a parking lot!

as in i had to go backward and forward a couple times to rock my car out of it.

and no, this is not the first time this has happened.

i am telling you, i am experienced with the terrible pot holes that happen in utah, even on I-15, which is dangerous and scary.
i am also quite accustomed to all kinds of pot holes, washboard dirt roads and black top roads that have been ripped up and damaged by farm equipment.  yes, those country roads in idaho can be rough.
but i have never in my life seen so many pot holes, one after another, as i have here.
no place is free from them.
freeways, highways, back roads, neighborhood streets and parking lots are filled with so many pot holes that just as i will dodge one i hit another.
some are so huge that they take up the entire lane and leave us with no choice but to drive through.
often cars will swerve into my lane or i will swerve into theirs and we all have a mutual understanding of what is being avoided.

it. is. the. worst.

i had a minor repair done on my car recently and the guy at the service desk told me that my alignment is off, but don't worry about it until well into spring or even summer because the roads are so terrible that it will just get messed up again.

i will add this, although the pot hole situation is out of control, michigan has some pretty awesome places to visit and some great people, so i guess i can deal with it.


funny girl

lately we have been really into picnics.
lyla knows that a "picnic" means we get to eat a peanut butter and jam or honey sandwich on a blanket in the living room.
she gets really excited.
and it turns out to be a great way to get her to eat more lunch.
she tears her sandwich apart and licks the jam or honey and then will usually eat the rest of the sandwich.

lyla doesn't really like to wear this vest, but she does think it's fun, sometimes.
and she calls it "the doggie vest".

this is another long lyla post, so feel free to continue reading by clicking below.



i have been really into making pies lately.
we had a Pi Day party on March 14 (3.14)
it was so much fun. 
lots of friends came and ate pecan, apple and pumpkin pie that i made as well as chocolate and coconut cream pies that some friends brought.

i like to involve lyla when i am cooking, but there are some times when it's difficult to involve her, like making pies.
so, after consulting with my wise mother, i now give her the extra dough and the spare rolling pin.
and she feels like she is making her own pie.
and she loves it!

also, we made these mini german pancakes one morning.
they were delicious!
Jordan emailed me a link for these mini german pancakes and they were a great idea!
the recipe is found here

and i found a recipe for muffins that used the extra pumpkin pie filling.
and lyla absolutely loved them!
she has even brought them up since.
these are delicious, but VERY moist. Lyla absolutely LOVES these muffins. 
the recipe can be found here
and by a quick google search, i found that there are so many things to do with the leftover filling. never again will i let it go to waste!


the curse...

whenever jordan and i said we were moving or had just moved to michigan people warned us about the "michigan winters".
we always responded very confidently with, "we are from idaho and know all about harsh winters."
let me just apologize right now to all my michigan friends because little did i know that i would curse us with the worst winter michigan has seen in years.
we are talking about breaking records from the 1800s here!

but throughout march we have luckily caught a few small breaks.
a couple weeks ago we had a day that was nice enough that we took lyla outside with just a coat rather than a snowsuit over her clothes.
she splashed in the puddles and even sat down in one.

the next day was a blizzard.

 but there are signs of spring everywhere.
i just would really like it to start warming up to something above 30 degrees!


** we really are blessed to have so many wonderful friends here and because we all need to get out and have fun, we have regular play group and i couldn't be more grateful for all those wonderful friends.


lyla 23 months

we are very close to being done with the monthly progress posts because i am not a fan of saying      ___ months past the 2 year mark.

lyla sayings:
"i did it!" and also "you did it!"
"you're right!" or "that's right"
"i love it!"
"yi ya!" {while pointing to herself. she is not afraid of introducing herself to strangers.}
"i love you" and also "i love me"
"watch this mom!"

This was one of her "watch this mom!" moments


what she's into:
-dress up and looking so pretty.{she often asks to wear tights, dresses, and loves having bows in her hair and always loves her flower hat.}
- now that she can put on her shoes she will pretty much only wear one pair, the "black bow shoes"{they are easiest to put on}. she asks for them first when she wakes up and will usually already have them on when we go in her room after a nap.
-princesses {ariel, cinderella and frozen especially, but she is starting to recognize more.}
-sesame street
-trying to do somersaults
-she still loves her friends and talks about them all the time. she even prays for her friends.
-she loves nursery.
-brushing her teeth with "the ponies" {my little pony toothbrush and toothpaste}
-she is always asking me to be a horse because i showed her that once and now it is a constant request.
-she loves to run so fast and jump or do "big bounces"
-she has names for all her blankets {princess, flowers, tractors, brown, etc.} and lately she loves to bring all of them with her when she gets up.
-stairs. she always bolts for the stairs when we visit other people.
-her "new carseat"and just getting out of the house in general.
-playing in the snow.

-she tells me all the time how pretty she is.
i have said it before, but i just can't get over the fact that she seems to have this inherent love for herself.
she tells me that her hair, eyes, ears, toes, knees, and everything else about her is so cute or so pretty and she looks in the mirror and exclaims "i wuv yi yah!"
oh how i hope she can hold on to as much of this as possible.

-mixing and cooking
-toting her step stool all around the house to look on top of cupboards and dressers
{especially when she sees that i am mixing something}

-she loves singing everything!
{jingle bells, the abcs, twinkle twinkle or "kwinkle kwinkle", let it go from frozen, and lots of others}

we love this little girl so much.
and can you believe that in a month she will be TWO???!!


5 hot trends that you would never have guessed...

with spring {hopefully} just around the corner we are doing a round up of some of the hottest trends that you can look forward to becoming even more apparent around our house this season.

lyla is really mastering her fashion skills and loves to dress up.
clothes are still difficult to tackle alone, but shoes and accessories are no problem for this diva.
we are predicting that given the definite cute style that lyla has you just might want to copy a few of these yourself.

1. Upside-down bright colored cat-eye  glasses.
This is definitely a brilliant switch on lyla's part.
who would have thought that turning your sunglasses upside down could produce such style?

2. Lowered and reversed headbands.
lyla must have an eye for the reversing of accessories.
when it comes to headbands, not only is this flip more comfortable, but the subtlety of the bow in the back is to die for.

3. Multiple hair accessories.
this one is only for the brave, but it is obvious that lyla knows what she is doing in laying this simple headband with a neutral colored flower.
and the way she nonchalantly holds her glasses is oh so cool.

4. PJ's with snow boots.
this girl is always wanting to wear these snow boots, but they are a statement piece definitely worth repeating.
i mean really. 
see for yourself.
and really not even jessica alba's silk, dolce and gabbanna, red carpet pj's have anything on these.  

and lastly, 5. The ever subtle and confident switched shoes.
this look can only be more adorable when it is realized that she totally completed this look all on her own.
the satisfaction and pride you are sure to see on her face says it all.

so there you have it,  5 bold and daring fashion statements that lyla pulls off so very well.

happy birthday ellie!

yesterday my niece, eleanor, turned one!
that year flew by!
especially considering all that has changed in that year.

ellie is such a sweet and fun girl.
she is tough and adventurous.
and it was so fun to face time and be included in her birthday party.
lyla had already gone to bed, but soon was yelling from her room because she wanted to join in on the fun.
lyla and ellie squealed and waived at each other.
i sure am glad that we can keep in touch this way.

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