Goodbye Sister Egbert!

last week my youngest sister entered the Provo MTC
i have a lot of feelings about this:
first and foremost, i am thrilled for her. the decision to serve a mission is such a selfless and mature choice. and in discussing this decision with hannah my respect for this girl grew immensely. she has such a strong testimony and desire to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ. she also is just really excited to teach people the gospel. it just makes me so proud of the woman she is. 
in addition, i am so sad because the last time i saw hannah was in may. living across the country definitely makes it difficult when it comes to big events. it was so hard not to be there when hannah when to the temple, spoke in Sacrament meeting, was set apart as a missionary and representative of the Lord, or when she entered the MTC.
i am just grateful for technology and that i was able to talk to hannah many times before, facetime a few times, and listen to her awesome talk.

i love having a missionary out! 
it's so exciting and it definitely makes me want to be a better missionary myself.

i really just can't believe this girl is now a missionary. 
but i really couldn't be happier about it.

this was when we said our final goodbyes to hannah way back in may.


a baby girl

yesterday we had our 20 week appointment and ultra sound.
we got to see this sweet little GIRL wiggle and move all over the screen.
she really was all over the place. {that's why her hands don't look like hands, the photos are a little blurry}
but she is healthy and things seem to be going very smoothly.
it was so fun to see our baby move.
she was so sweet and had her little hands up on her face.
it makes it seems more real and we are all very excited.

lyla seemed so intrigued but quiet.
today she has talked about the baby a lot and when we looked at these photos she asked to watch the baby.

this little lady should be arriving at the end of november.
our due date is November 27, Thanksgiving day this year.
we can't wait!


a nearly pictureless update about moving

this weekend we moved.
we are still in the same area of michigan, but we are now in a different ward.

i have mentioned on the blog and told nearly everyone i have spoken to within the last year that this has been such a wonderful place to be.
almost immediately i made some of the greatest friends.
i have met people who are kind and willing to do anything to help others.
and i have loved absolutely everything about living right where we were.

on saturday morning we rented a big uhaul truck and were surprised, grateful, and happily overwhelmed by the amount of men {and a couple of children} who came from our ward to help us move.
these men set right to work moving huge pieces of furniture {piano, couch, entertainment center, washer and dryer, etc.} as well as huge boxes that i had strategically packed to be as heavy as possible. {just kidding, i was just trying to be economical about the space in each box, but somehow these boxes were ridiculously heavy}
and every single item that needed to be moved out was removed within an hour.
it was amazing.
our neighbors were so impressed and commented about how many people were here helping and how quickly they loaded up the truck.
we worked hard to be prepared so things would go smoothly {hopefully all our movers felt like that was the case!} but without all those hard working people it never would have happened.
THANK YOU!! to all our friends and even people we had never met who just moved in to the ward. we are so grateful for the help!
{and you better believe that i had at least six offers, that i can remember, from people willing to watch lyla! and she was well taken care of and had the time of her life. it was wonderful!}
we will miss our ward dearly and it makes me a little bit sad to think that we have left.

at our new house we had a very similar experience.
in less than an hour all of our stuff was carefully unloaded and we were ready to return the truck.
and the very impressive thing is that these are people who had, in almost every case, only met us one time before!!!
who on earth is that willing to give up time on a saturday to help strangers?
people who are part of a church family, that's who.
we absolutely love our new ward and are so grateful for the many good people there.

yesterday we went to our new ward for the second time and it was one of the most spiritual sundays jordan and i can remember.
when we were leaving the building jordan said that it was like "spiritual steroids".
and frankly, it was.
two people had been baptized that weekend and they were confirmed in sacrament meeting and it was absolutely beautiful and powerful to witness the beginning of the membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
lyla was even fairly reverent.
i was fighting back tears almost the entire meeting.
and lyla went right in to nursery and STAYED!!! the entire time!
i think we all just feel welcomed and loved in this ward.
and i am amazed by the powerful testimony that so many people are willing to share in this new ward.
we are in for an amazing experience.

some day soon i will post about our cute little bungalow house.
we love it.
we love excited to have a home that is OURS!
and we are so excited to get to work on some fun home renovations.

and since i took no pictures of our house filled with boxes, here is a fun picture of most of the ladies from our ward at a good-bye/ hello ice cream party. {it's the time of year when medical residents graduate and leave and new residents, interns, and ford employees move in.}
it was so much fun and i just love every single person in this picture.


memorial day camping

for memorial day weekend we went camping with some of our friends who moved out from byu right after we did.
they put together a great trip at a really fun metro park where we were right by a park and we camped in a nice, clean grassy park with restrooms just across the road.
it was perfect.

they also invited two other families from their ward who were so nice and made the trip so fun.
lyla had so much fun because one family had three kids who are quite a bit older than her, but they were so nice and included her while they played.
they pushed her on the swings and held her hand as she climbed up the stairs to the slides.
they made it such a relaxing trip for us and lyla had the time of her life!
our friends also brought their dog, who lyla calls Puppy Leo.
she loves this dog and was so excited/ nervous to see him.

it was a great experience camping and hopefully we can do this kind of camping more often.

lyla ignoring/ playing with puppy leo

lyla slept pretty well in the tent. she slept through the night and even slept in the next morning.

she loved the playground toys.

the kids were all so nice to lyla and took turns pushing her and playing with her. i kept asking if they wanted to go play instead of push her and they told me they liked playing with her. 
they were the sweetest!

the swings and motorbike were even fun for big kids, like jordan.

the boys playing football.

lyla loved exploring around the park.


easter egg hunt

our ward put on a really wonderful breakfast and easter egg hunt the saturday before easter.
it was lyla's first easter egg hunt and she had so much fun.
it was really exciting to watch her figure it out.

lyla has a lot of great friends, but this little girl is probably her best friend.
they are almost two years apart in age, but aspen is so sweet to lyla and they play so well together.


lyla lately

this girl is really starting to develop her imagination and i absolutely love it!

lately she will sometimes go into pretend mode and we even have names for pretending.
i am usually sully and she is neck.
sometimes we switch though.
i have no idea why these names.
sully started off sounding more like sorry, but them it evolved.
and i think she is still confused about uncle nick and neck, so she thinks neck is a name.
those are my guesses, but really who knows.
but it's super adorable and we play pretend with these names all the time.

she still loves to wear dresses.
this one was a birthday present from our realtor.
and notice her pink sneakers underneath.

when we got back from idaho lyla started calling her car Lightning McQueen.
she loved the "red race car movie"

lyla doesn't always love taking a bath these days, but she does always love swimming and wearing her swimsuit, so win win win, we wear the swimsuit in the bath and she is excited and thinks she is swimming and she is really just getting clean.

lyla is still pretty into feminine things like dresses, dress up, necklaces, etc. but she LOVES to be outside and play in the dirt.
she also loves cars, planes, motorcycles and all things zoom.
i love the combination of interests.

she also loves these pink flowers in our backyard.
she always wants to pick them and she plays them like a piano.
speaking of which, almost anything can be a piano in her mind.


idaho trip! part 2

after reviewing all the pictures that jordan and i took at the wedding i have once again realized that i need to take more pictures.
and i need to have more purpose and reason behind my picture taking.
also, i think i just enjoy life and completely forget to take pictures, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

hailey's wedding and reception were both stunning.
everything was completely fabulous.
and the desserts were amazing.
lyla really enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.

since this post is super long you can choose to read the rest after the jump.


idaho trip! part 1

the recap of our big trip to idaho.

let me just start by saying that we had absolute ideal flying situations. 
lyla was amazing. 
we left super early in the morning. somewhere in the 6 o'clock range, which is just ridiculous.
and she was a champ.
she stayed awake for two entire flights.
she played with toys, drew in a notebook and played with stickers and cuddled with me a little bit.
and she LOVED watching out the window. 
she is always fascinated with flying and especially with the other planes at the airport.
she was really interested in watching a nearby plane refuel.
she thought it was broken.

stickers= the absolute BEST toddler activity.

hannah finished her last final just in time to drive from logan to pick us up.
it was such a great car ride with her.
and lyla was so excited to see her.
immediately after hannah picked us up from the airport in salt lake we headed to In N Out.
priorities people.
and the craving for their spread.
oh my.

lyla fell asleep almost immediately in the car and slept for about 3 hours. 
she woke up and saw the remains of our chocolate shake, and of course wanted to finish it off.
{the binky was our constant companion throughout the trip and as hard as i have tried to take it away for good, it was a blessing to have it throughout our travels.}

alex and ellie were so nice and made a huge effort to meet us in idaho falls or mud lake as often as they could, so we had lots of fun cousin time.
lyla loves her cousins and she has been talking about ellie and saydee ever since.

lyla taught ellie how to do "ring around the rosie".
good thing ellie is quick because she was quickly drug all over the place.

sorry for posting this picture, ellie! but it was so cute how these two just sat on their little chairs and watched frozen.

lyla had her own little table at grandma egbert's.

uncle blake took these girls for a spin while we were visiting for sunday dinner.

lyla and i spent an afternoon at my grandma merlene's house and she was so sweet and had all these toys set up for lyla to play with.
it was a perfect afternoon.
it was wonderful for lyla to get to know my grandma better and have some personal time with her.

we also had a lot of fun visiting jordan's parents while we were in idaho.
jordan's mom always gets out special little toys and knick knacks for lyla to play with and she LOVES it.
these nesting dolls were such a hit!

she just loved these sunglasses of my mom's.

i bought lyla a backpack and she was so excited.
she picked out the owl. 
i had hoped that she'd go for a different animal, since this one is so common, but she LOVED it and she loved carrying her treasures in it.

we spent a day at the idaho falls zoo with jordan's mom, tammy.
i just love this little zoo.
they have such a great variety of animals.
lyla always loves the monkeys.
there were even some baby monkeys, twins even!

this drinking fountain reminds me of field trips when i was in preschool and i think later in elementary school.
lyla really loved it!
it is so fun to take her to places that i went to when i was growing up.

she really loved this tiger. 
she is roaring in this picture.

jordan was able to come just for the weekend of the wedding, so while i drove to utah to pick him up, lyla stayed with alex, blake and ellie.
they spoiled her all day long.
{and she totally dressed herself that day}
they went to breakfast at martha's, which is some seriously delicious home style food.
lyla downed quite a lot of a massive pancake.

they went to blast off, which is a big play place with a jungle gym and ball pits.
lyla LOVED it.

one day the girls in my family went to lunch.
we always love to eat at babe's bakery.
it was such a fun and yummy day.

also, i chopped my hair off.
and i LOVE it!

these cute cousins just loved playing together.

lyla was supposed to be the flower girl at hailey's wedding.
she looked pretty and it was so fun watching her because she knew she was so pretty.
she ended up not walking down the aisle because she was terrified of the people, but she and ellie played pretty hard at the reception.
it was such a beautiful day.

before the reception i took lyla into to ceremony room so she would hopefully feel comfortable.
it didn't work, but she did love being with my sweet cousin, chelsi.
everything about the day was beautiful.
{except for the rain, hail, snow, wind episode before it decided to be a nice day.}

i really am so grateful i was able to be home for hailey and tyler's wedding.
it was such a beautiful day.
more photos to come!

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